Our Community

InDeo community follows a spiritual path of contemplation, specifically Ignatian Spirituality and is influenced by:

    • The simple faith of the early church
    • The wisdom teachings and practices of the Desert Fathers and Mothers
    • The wisdom of the Enneagram
    • The Franciscan tradition of finding God in nature
    • St Ignatius of Loyola

InDeo Community is a beautiful blend of the early Christian Church, enriched through the practices of the Desert Fathers and Mothers that gave rise to Contemplative Spirituality.  A divine journey that became the main source to the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram and gave meaning through Ignatian Spirituality as a spirituality for everyday life.  InDeo community embraces the gentleness of the Franciscan tradition who finds God in the vast and beautiful fields of nature.  

Our roots are influenced by the contemplative spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers evolving into following the spiritual path of Ignatian Spirituality to experience God in all things, all of Creation in all facets of everyday life.

Ignatian Spirituality encourages us

  • To find God in all things
  • To develop a relationship with God who desires to be in a relationship with each of us
  • That God initiates, extending the invitation to follow him, and I choose to respond to Christ’s pre-existing call to follow him
  • That God is involved with all people and has always been involved, whether we are aware of it or not
  • That Jesus reveals the nature of God to us
  • To live a life of contemplation in action 

Following a 30-day Ignatian Spiritual Exercises retreat through Loyola, Spain the InDeo community developed a partnership with Ignatian Spirituality Community Geneva and Ignatian Spirituality Center Glasgow.