Absence: Please contact Nada at nada@indeo.co.za if you are not able to attend any of the sessions.

GPRL programme: Please contact Nada or Johan at nada@indeo.co.za or johan@indeo.co.za if you have any questions about the GPRL programme.

IT: Please contact us at info@indeo.co.za if you have any questions about the InDeo website or Zoom.

This guide contains information on:

  • Listening Groups

  • Confidentiality

  • Reflective Reading

  • Weekly Journalling

This guide contains information on some good practices for meeting online for example:

  • Maintaining confidentiality online by using a headset

  • Use your name so that people can see who is talking and a reminder to switch on your camera

  • etc.

  • This video gives a good overview of the different controls available in Zoom. Please keep in mind that some of the options are only available to the Host and not to Participants.

  • Read this article on how to change the video layout.