• Retreat: Silent Retreat

    We invite you to withdraw to a quiet place, to disconnect from the busyness of life and all its demands. Experience the gift to just be – to discover yourself and be restored in God’s presence. Our retreats create a space

“…the contemplative life, is a continual discovery of Christ in new and unexpected places.”Thomas Merton


“Prayer is looking out from a different set of eyes, which are not comparing, competing, judging, labelling or analyzing, but receiving the moment in its present wholeness and unwholeness. That is what is meant by contemplation.” –  Richard Rohr


“Slow things down enough to relax into the subtle silence that opens out into God…It is in learning to rest in silence that you are led by the indwelling Spirit into the eternal silence of God.”James Finley

Retreats will be an introduction to contemplative practices, where you will be given input and practical guidance, together with opportunities for practice and quiet reflection.

  • Week of Guided Prayer
  • Late-life personal development and spirituality – developing techniques to navigate eternity
  • Leadership Development Retreats
  • Parenting retreats
  • Sacred Circle retreat
  • Silent retreats

EWG – Encounter with God retreat (online)


Purpose of the retreat:

“Encounter with God” retreat in daily life is an opportunity to enter more deeply into the intimacy of our relationship with God, who is inviting us into an adventure of spiritual transformation in the deepest places of our being.


The retreat starts and ends with an opening and closing session and during the 5 weeks in between, retreatants set aside time daily to meet with God. Once a week the retreatants meet individually with a prayer guide, who listens and helps the retreatants to notice God in their lives, perhaps help them to sense God’s invitations to them at this time of their lives, and offer scriptures or ways to pray in the week ahead.

2022 Times and venue:

The EWG retreat will take place during July / August 2022. Specific dates will be announced shortly.

Suggested Offering: 


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