Do you want to grow closer to God, deepen your prayer life or want to make choices that are in tune with God’s dream for you? If so, the programme Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living (GPRL) may be for you. This 6-month programme runs from 23 February 2022 to 27 June 2022 on Wednesdays from 19h30 to 21h00 SAST and is open to all. No expertise in prayer or reflection is required.


Session No Day Venue Day and Date Topic
S 01 Wed Online Wed 23-Feb-2022 Prayer, An Introduction
S 02 Wed Online Wed 02-Mar-2022 Reflective Living, An Introduction; Journaling
S 03 Wed Online Wed 09-Mar-2022 Lectio Divina (Prayer Technique)
S 04 Wed Online Wed 16- Mar -2022 Imaginative Contemplation (Prayer with the Gospels)
Break – School Holidays
S 05 Wed Online Wed 06-Apr-2022 Feelings in prayer
S 06 Wed Online Wed 13-Apr-2022 Passover – Praying with Symbols
Easter Break
Good Friday – 15 April 2022
Easter Monday – 18 Apr 2022
S 07 Wed Online Wed 20-Apr-2022 Examen of Easter Break
S 08 Wed Online Wed 04- May -2022 Images of God
S 09 Wed Online Wed 11- May -2022 Made in the Image and Likeness of God: Original Grace
S 10 Wed Online Wed 18- May -2022 Spiritual Accompaniment: An introduction
S 11 Wed Online Thu 25-May -2022 Creation
S 12 Wed Online Tue 01-Jun-2022 Sin
S 13 Wed Online Wed 08-Jun-2022 Discernment (1) Consolation: When God feels close
S 14 Wed Online Wed 15-Jun-2022 Discernment (2) Desolation: When God feels distant
S 15 Wed Online Wed 22-Jun-2022 Discernment (3) Decision Making: Background and process
S 16 Mon Online Mon 27-Jun-2022 Closing of GPRL: Retreat evening and Reflection
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